The story of Honduras, How it all Began;

by Pam Morris

Whilst we were having our holiday in Canada with two of our American friends Kathy and Mike Nash, we were told by Mike that he had land in Honduras and asked if we would pray . He felt strongly that he should give the land to our church Fathers House to do in Honduras what God led us to do. We shared with the church and prayed and it was decided that Peter and I should travel to Honduras to ‘Spy out the Land’, and in the February of 2005 we travelled to Honduras and began what has proved to be an awesome adventure. It has been for me an adventure which has needed Faith to hold onto the vision amidst many tears but, the ultimate joy has been to see all that God has accomplished in Honduras, Praise His wonderful Name!!

Honduras is located in Central America. Its northern border between Guatemala and Nicaragua, lies along the Caribbean Sea. The southwestern tip of the country between El Salvador and Nicaragua, borders the northern Pacific Ocean.

Homes in the shanty town

Homes in the shanty town

Hurricane Mitch devastated Honduras in 1998, causing over 7,000 deaths. Over 1.5 million people were left homeless by the storm. Thousands of buildings were destroyed and roads and bridges were washed away.The economy came to near standstill, worsening the effects of poverty in a country which is one of the poorest countries in the Americas after Haiti. The poverty in Honduras causes approximately 150.000 people to attempt to leave each year,about 2% of the nations population, most under 35yrs of age. The misery drives farmers to move to the cities where they encounter a vanishing industrial sector, or the gangs of the ‘Maras’, which has transformed the capital into one of the deadliest of continents.

They say that, ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ and on our first journey to Honduras we were not aware of the many dangers and the extent of the many evil practises that were happening in a country that appeared to me to be “forgotten”.

On our arrival in La Ceiba Honduras we met with Mike who was to be with us for one week. We could not speak Spanish and so explaining to the Taxi Driver where we going was quite an ordeal and trying to sort out the fare in Limpera was challenging, when you are exhausted having journeyed on 3 flights, Manchester to Miami, Miami to San Pedro Sula and then the final flight to La Ceiba.

Honduras despite the poverty, crime and violence is a beautiful country, with mountains, and white beaches which lead to the Caribbean ocean.

The Streets of Honduras

It was apparent as we drove through the town and saw the ransacked homes and shops that the people were very poor. We then surprisingly saw a ‘Burger King’ restaurant and a ‘Pizza Hut’. We thought it very strange that at the entrance to these restaurants were armed guards stood with machine guns, was this to keep the rich safe and keep the poor out??

Mike took us on the following day to see the land which he had wanted our church to have. The land was on the beach a short distance from a shanty town called Bonittio. As we drove down a dusty rocky path through the town we saw the extent of the poverty, huts in appalling condition, black plastic bags covering the gaping holes in the sides of what were their homes. Many beautiful children dressed in their rags lined the streets to greet us, we shouted ‘Hola’ (which means hello) it was then the only spanish word we knew but it seemed enough to earn us their smiles and they continued to run after the car (many without shoes) the hard rocks, discarded bottles and rubbish every where didn’t seem to bother them.

The Feeding Program at work

We eventually arrived at the piece of land Mike had purchased a few years before (Mike had worked there previously and had planned on building a house). The land was truly beautiful the Mountains at one side and the Caribbean at the other. Mike wanted to show us a house which had been built by an American further down the beach, as they were walking ahead I was collecting the pretty pebbles from the beach, (I thought I would take them home and pray for our land) as I stooped to pick them up I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Stand and look at all the pebbles on the shore, those pebbles number the souls that I am going to save in this land”. I saw the rubbish and debris that at washed up on to the shore and again I felt the Holy Spirit say, “I will deal with the poverty and bring them in to new heights of love”,I began to cry and say to the Lord, “Lord I am 55yrs old and there is so much to do here but Lord if you can use me I am willing”. Over the next days God opened many doors for us and the contacts we made confirmed that truly God wanted us as a church to bring, ‘Hope and Provision’ to the families of Bonittio, Honduras. We through Gods leading found a church in Bonittio and now Pastor Luis and Isobel have become our Christian family and we provide food for the children of Bonittio (approx 150 children twice each week) attend the feeding programme.

We realised that the task would be difficult being many miles away and we continued as a church to pray for direction.

We have taken with us teams from the church and have been involved in building houses for the people, provision of food, beds and clothing and medical attention.

Pam working in the medical centre

Our Vision is to build a large multiple use house which will be called “La Casa de la Suanos” (which means the House of Dreams). The large Building will have medical rooms, and accommodation rooms to house Mothers after having a baby, or post operative care for children who have had surgery (many times their homes are not suitable). Also there will be accommodation for teams to come periodically to help with the work. We are hoping in the next weeks to update our Honduras web site and I’m sure you will see more of the Honduras story unfold with many photos and videos to see, please visit the website and give your support to the work. 2009 saw the arrival of our two Missionaries, they are American and have had many years in Mexico their names are Gary and Peggy and truly they have been sent from God and we love them dearly.