I was in prison, and you visited me. Matthew 25.36


At Father’s House we have held a Prison Department for many years, with our Pastor employed as a sessional chaplain for one day each week for the last 21 years. We have seen God touch lives in a remarkable way, including the Chapel orderly giving his life to the Lord Jesus and now is a full time Church of England Vicar.

A young man came out of one of the Doncaster prison’s and was picked up at the prison gate and brought along to church where there was a prayer meeting going on, as he was prayed for GOD BROKE HIS DRUG ADDICTION IMMEDIATELY. Today he serves as a Worship Leader and he along with wife Claire lead an organisation called ‘Restoration Beyond Belief‘.


Are responsible for the emotional and spiritual welfare of all at Prison which has a high priority. The chaplaincy is a resource for both offenders and staff, of all faiths or of none.

Statutory Requirement

Chaplaincy has a duty of care to the whole establishment. As part of this duty, staff are required by Home Office regulations to make a daily visit to any offender in the Care and Separation Unit or who is resident in the healthcare center. We are also required to provided for the practice of any faith permitted in prison by finding a minister and providing a suitable environment for groups to meet for worship and teaching. The issue of religious practice in prisons is under constant review and we take advice as required from the Prisoner Administration Group, Chaplaincy Headquarters and accredited representatives of faith communities to make sure we are doing everything we should to support offenders in the practice of their faith.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a major part of our daily work. People who are bereaved, having relationship problems or just feeling under pressure of being (or working) in prisons often feel the need to ‘talk to someone’. Our job is to provide sympathetic and non-judgmental short-term support to anyone who needs it, regardless of faith background. We are happy to be contacted in any case of need, whether emotional, spiritual or practical. chaplaincy operates within the wider prisons team and if we are not able to help, we can probably find someone who can.

Classes and Groups

We are continually developing the range of opportunities we offer to explore faith, spiritually and personal development. All courses in the Chaplaincy are offered in the context that faith is important.


“I became involved through attending the carol service. There was an urgent need for people to whom prisoners could talk fairly freely. It has made a big difference to my perception of prisoners. So many have begun life with everything against them. Our job is not to be judgmental, We can only be there; this may be enough.”

We thank God for the privilege of working with those whose lives have been broken and whose families have been deprived of Fathers. Speaking to them of the Greatest love of all, The God of second chances.

Prison Team!



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  1. Pastor Peter Morris was a man I got to know through the Chaplaincy. He has been a great support and encouragement to me.
    I am so grateful to have met Peter way back in 1994, the year within which I got saved in prison.
    I love this man like he was my own father.

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