Millions of people across the nations of world could share stories with you about how meeting with Jesus and choosing to follow him daily has changed their lives. Here you can read some real stories shared by those who attend Father’s House about how realising who Jesus Christ is and what He did for them totally transformed their lives. It’s powerful, It’s real, It’s the truth!


I always knew there was a God. I just didn’t want to commit my life to serving God because I thought I would miss out. I later realised I had to lose my life to save it. I had to be challenged about sin.

God has changed my life dramatically. I wasn’t a bad kid, but I still had sin in my life. When I became a Christian I went from a life in bondage and sin to a wonderful freedom that only God can give. I just want to tell… Read full story

Pete & Barbara

Our lives have been completely changed. God has turned us upside down. He has given us a love and care in our hearts that we never had before.

One moment we will never forget during our time at Father’s House was during a powerful meeting in 2011 – you could not put a price on that moment… Read full story


I used to cry myself to sleep every night and wondered why God would allow me to go through this, why was this happening to me, and what had I done to deserve this. Many times I thought about ending it all….

This time it was different. I no longer just had religion, but a relationship with Jesus. When God really touches your life you are changed forever. I didn’t blame God anymore… Read full story