I have been coming to Father’s House almost since I was born but not out of choice, being brought up in a Christian family it seemed compulsory. Out of choice I have been going to Father’s House 3 years since I gave my life to Jesus.

“I went from a life in bondage and sin to a wonderful freedom that only God can give”


I always knew there was a God. I just didn’t want to commit my life to serving God because I thought I would miss out. I later realised I had to lose my life to save it. I had to be challenged about sin and I heard it preached that I had sin in my life week after week but it was only when I realised what that sin was deserving of, after being convicted by the holy spirit, that I turned to God.

God has changed by life dramatically. I wasn’t a bad kid but I still had sin in my life. When I became a Christian I went from a life in bondage and sin to a wonderful freedom that only God can give. I just want to tell everyone I see about God. I feel like preaching at every street corner and telling people the good news of the gospel.

“I was touched by the Spirit of God, never the same again”


The best moment at Father’s House is difficult for me to pick out. I love those teaching nights where it challenges me to my very core but I would say it has to be the night service after I came to know Jesus as Lord. It was the moment where I was touched by the spirit of God, never to be the same again.

To anyone thinking of becoming a Christian I would say that it won’t be the easiest walk in world and there will be trials and things that will test you but it’s only then that you realise how great a provider God is. Giving your life to Jesus is not just a ticket to heaven but a reason for living or rather living itself. In him is life.